Monday, March 17, 2008

rome, paper boats, aloe vera

this is a cut out square of sky, one of the many because i have not seen the bigness of it in a long time, and to tell the truth i often forget to look, which is a shame. aloe vera signifies the coming of sunny days and the greeness of green. rome is a gigantic square mass of stone with soft corners. it is the humming of old men at 3pm, when bodies rest post lunch. rome is a complex network of messy lines that somehow makes sense, it is also the vaporous bleached hair of ucranian women on the train, the broken fiat that rests like an extinguished soldier at the end of my street, the even mat of pine trees above my head, the burning in my eyes. rome is dust and thickness of dirt like a carpet over everything, it is fluidity and stagnant water, it is open and indifferent, it is the aridity of cracked gesso and the whining of sickly love songs in bars, it is breathing and resignation, it is the wide stride of the evening and the bumping of bycicles on mosaic streets, it is a child and an old man competing in amicable insults. rome is unbearable and incoherent and a mother and a whore dressed up like a queen.
here is a paper boat floating in schweppes residues.

last week i exhibited in a place called lanificio 159, an old wool factory. the paintings will be posted here soon. here is the space.

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Anonymous said...

i wanna see pics of your latest expo. c'mon get 2 it. bacione. m