Sunday, December 10, 2006

(light)ness and weight exhibition: works

twentyninth of may, twothousandandsix (oil on canvas)

floating cities, part I and II (charcoal, ink, watercolour, tea, paper on board)

l'orto di marcello (marcello's vegie patch), (oil and other media on canvas)

parentesi, terra, cielo

parentesi (oil, acrylics, ink, tea, paper on canvas)

terra (oil, paper on canvas)

cielo (oil on canvas)

the weight of paper (tea, acrylics, pencil and other media on canvas)

the shortcomings of philosophy (oil on canvas)

detail (sopa de letrinhas!)

little story of a kitchen, part III (oil on canvas)

backyard studio I

backyard studio II

so there you go. pictures of pictures. This is an example of Miss Emma's painstaikingly amazing work:

Fence II

Hopefully she will post her works on her page soon, so make sure to pay it a little visit.

A few words on the exhibition: simple, cocooned white space. light streaming and feet crunching floorboards. putty dust and empty bottles, decaying flowers. we did not expect so much. we were tired, we were angsty, we were protected somehow from the pretentious comments of critics. we were ultimately maybe a little proud towards the end.

finally, here is Giovanni's article: (ha!)

and now i will take a break.

Friday, December 08, 2006

opening night, 1st december

un po' di foto per quelli che, per un motivo o per l'altro, non sono potuti venire.

to those present on the night, thank you for coming.

i know there are photologs for these kind of things, but bla.

for more images of this marvellous event, see monsieur jaques' much better photos.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

last friday we opened (officially) the show! and how! there are pictures of merryment and myrth and plenty of them, pertaining to this festive occasion, which will be posted soon. but for now a little rest for these red shoes which have been treading many a mile all day long.